The entry fee is $50 per angler and free for a junior under 16 years of age whist fishing the tournament. Entry includes a tournament shirt. The tournament is scheduled for April 29 – May 1 with a reserve of May 14 – 15, If the committee postpones the event. The committee reserves the right to cancel the tournament. Refunds will only be made if the tournament is cancelled.

All non-members of the Fremantle Sailing Club will be issued with Honorary Membership for the duration of the Tournament.

The Fremantle Sailing Club boat ramp will be available to all trailer boats competing in the event at no cost. For more information contact the Harbour Master and advise if access keys are needed. Note: a deposit for access keys will be required.

All fishing to take place within a maximum 75 nautical miles of Success Harbour or within your vessel’s maximum radio range on VHF channel 73/81.
Teams – There must be a minimum of TWO and a maximum of SIX anglers per boat.

Two-way radios capable of transmitting and receiving on VHF or HF frequencies must be fitted to all competing vessels. In addition, all vessels must carry safety equipment as specified by the Department of Transport. On each day, all Boat Captains must “sign on and sign off” to VN6DI via VHF radio on channel 73. All subsequent “sign ons” and “sign offs” will be through Channel 81 ONLY. Any Changes to this will be notified at the briefing. There will be two round ups per day, 1115hrs and 1515hrs. All hookups tagged Marlin to be radioed into “Blue Marlin Control” immediately, including the boat’s tournament grid reference location on CHANNEL 81 VHF.

Note: All boats must respond to the daily ’round up’ calls as noted. If a response is not received within a half hour of the scheduled times, Sea Rescue will be notified and they will initiate further action. Any cost associated with this will be the responsibility of the vessels owner/ skipper.

All Boats need to carry all necessary safety equipment and must be fully compliant including DOT requirements. Also refer to team ‘Grab Bags’

Anglers are responsible for attaining the correct Boat Fishing Licence. Contact Fisheries on 9432 8000 (Fremantle) 9482 7333 (Perth).

The Fremantle Sailing Club Inc. and/or their directors, officers, employees, volunteers, representatives, and agents and the activity holders, sponsors and volunteers; take absolutely no responsibility whatsoever for any liability for personal injury, death, loss or any damage to equipment and boats during the event, skippers and anglers. Participants enter the competition entirely at their own risk. Refer to the registration form.

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