Blue Marlin Classic

Open to the public. 26th Feb-1st March 2021.

The Fremantle Sailing Club Game Fishing Section is hosting the 42nd FSC Blue Marlin Classic.


About the Blue Marlin Classic

The Blue Marlin Classic is one of WA’s premiere sport-fishing events attracting some of the State’s most experienced game fishermen.  It is also open to the Public and caters for Anglers of all ages and experience.

This year is the 42nd running of the Blue Marlin Classic and it will be held on the Labour Day long weekend, 26th Feb -1st March 2021

The event takes place in the waters stretching the 75 mile radius from the Fremantle Sailing Club Harbour.

Fremantle Sailing Club enjoys a spectacular waterfront location overlooking the Indian Ocean but just minutes from the CBD.

An exceptional prize pool is on offer for the Classic’s events that include:

Section 1: Sponsor Mark & Debbie Maher
Marcus Maher Memorial Trophy
1st Marlin caught by a FSC member for season 2021

Section 2: Sponsor Compleat Angler
Highest Point Scoring Angler
 Day 1; $200 Voucher

Section 3: Sponsor Compleat Angler
Highest Point Scoring Angler
Day 2: $200 Voucher

Section 4: Sponsor Compleat Angler
Highest Point Scoring Angler
Day 3: $200 Voucher

Section 5: Sponsor FSC
Highest Point Scoring T/R Sharks
Prize: $100 Voucher

Section 6: Sponsor Wilson Marine
Highest Point Scoring Yellowfin Tuna
Prize: $300 Voucher

Section 7: Sponsor Wilson Marine
Highest Point Scoring Tuna other than Yellowfin
Prize: $300 Voucher

Section 8: Sponsor Wilson Marine
Highest Point Scoring Mahi Mahi
Prize: $300 Voucher

Section 9: Sponsor Wilson Marine
Highest Point Scoring Samson Fish
Prize: $300 Voucher

Section 10: Sponsor Wilson Marine
Highest Point Scoring Wahoo or Mackerel
Prize: $300 Voucher

Section 11: Sponsor Wilson Marine
Highest Point Scoring Yellowtail Kingfish or Pink Snapper
Prize: $300 Voucher

Section 12: Sponsor Banovich & AFW
 Highest Point Scoring Tag & Release Blue Marlin
Prize: Trophy & Victorinox Swibo Personally Engraved Knife Set.

Section 13: Sponsor Ed Fox & FSC
Highest Point Scoring Angler Marlin only. FSC Member only.
Prize: Trophy & $100 Voucher

Section 14: Sponsor FSC & Mad Fish
Highest Point Scoring Marlin ex heaviest
Prize: Trophy & Mad Fish Bag

Section 15: Sponsor Monument
Gerry OLoughlin
Highest Point Scoring Marlin angler
Prize: Trophy  +  One Day Charter on On Strike Charters Exmouth R/U  EXE Tackle Dredge

Section 16: Sponsor Jeff Kazim & Mad Fish  
Highest Point T/Release Marlin 
Prize: Trophy & Mad Fish Bag 

Section 17: Sponsor Jeff Kazim & AFW 
Highest Point Scoring Team FSC only 
Prize: Trophy & $300 Voucher 

Section 18: Sponsor Vic Ryan & Matt Nicholes  & Compleat Angler  
Incident Trophy  
Prize: Trophy & $100 Voucher  

Section 19: Sponsor Anne Kazim & FSC  
Highest Point Scoring FSC member  
Prize: Trophy & $100 Voucher  

Section 20: Sponsor Doug Clegg & AFW   
Most meritorious capture   
Prize: Trophy & Costa Sunglasses  

Section 21: Sponsor AFW   
Weighmaster Award   
Costa Sunglasses  

Section 22: Sponsor Halco   
Champion Junior Species Highest Points .Prize pack. & Rod& Reel   
R/U 2nd Highest Points   
Prize Prize pack   

Section 23: Sponsor Ross Ezekiel  
Champion Female Species Highest Points . Highest Points  
Prize:9 carat yellow gold Marlin Pendant & Chain valued at $500 + $500   

Section 24: Sponsor Richter Lures  
Champion Male Species Highest Points  
R/U – & $500    

Section 25: Sponsor Martin Box Marine   
Champion Boat under 8.5m    
Prize: Trophy .+.$1000           
R/U- Richter Marlin Roll        

Section 26: Sponsor Club Marine   
Champion Boat over 8.5m   
Prize: Trophy .+. $2000   
R/U-Richter Marlin Lure Roll   

Section 27: Sponsor FSC   
Champion Club Top 2  H/P Scoring Teams   
Prize: Trophy 

Section 28; 
Champion Boat Overall
An Opportunity To Fish in A Competition Held By Either
Broom FC, King Bay GFC or Exmouth GFC, In The Next Year.  

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